from Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh
  • State Uttar Pradesh
  • District Mahoba
  • Pin-Code 210426

Famed as Veer Bhumi of Uttar Pradesh, Mahoba is associated with the Chandelas kings who ruled over Bundelkhand between the 9th and 11th centuries. The name Mahoba is derived from 'Mahotsav Nagar', the city of great festivals, which were celebrated here by Chandra-Verman or Nannuka, The traditional founder of the Chandella Dynasty. Today, Mahoba is a District of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, in the Bundelkhand region. Mahoba is known for its closeness to Khajuraho, Laundi and other historic places like Kulpahar, Charkhari, Kalinjar, Orchha, and Jhansi. The town is connected with railways and state highways. At Mahoba, the impregnable hilltop fort and the lakes they created are considered engineering feats and their water management systems can still be seen. Mahoba is also a great cultural centre. Ballads praise its days of glory and narrate the inspiring saga of Alha and Udal, two brothers who scarificed their lives for the honor of their land. Today the town is known for its fine betel leaf cultivation and granite rocks. There are many places of historic and archaeological interest as well as scenic lakes dotted with rocky islets There are also a number of Buddhist and Jain shrines at Mahoba.

  1. Roadways Well Connected with National and State Highways

    Mahoba is connected by road to all major cities. State highway also passes through Mahoba.

  2. Railways Well Connected with Major Railway Statons

    Mahoba is connected by broad gauge railway lines with Gwalior, Delhi, Mumbai

  3. Airways Well Connected with Major Airports

    The nearest airport is Khajuraho (65km).