from Damoh, Madhya Pradesh
  • State Madhya Pradesh
  • District Damoh
  • Pin-Code 470661

This place has long history dating back to ancient times excavated. Stone Age tools found in Singrampur Valley are testimony to the fact that this place was the cradle of human civilization and habitat since millions of years. In more recent times, around the 5th century, it was part of mighty grand empire of Guptas of Pataliputra, It was established by the plaques and coins along with various monuments found in the region belonging to the reign of Samudragupta. From the 8th to 12th centuries some parts of the Damoh district were parts of Chedi Empire ruled by Kalchuri dynasty from capital Tripuri. The temple situated on the periphery of Damoh city houses the icons of Lord Shiva. It’s a place of pilgrimage as well as scenic beauty for visitors. It is believed that peace seekers as well as girls urging for good matrimonial matches throng here to please Lord Shiva, so as to grand their wishes. This structure has got priceless archealogical importance.

  1. Roadways Well Connected with National and State Highways

    Damoh is well Connected by road to Bhopal, Jabalpur and Chhatarpur.

  2. Railways Well Connected with Major Railway Statons

    Damoh Railway Station (Station Code:DMO) is the only railway station in the city serves a few trains for Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur,Amratsar and Howrah, situated between Katni and Bina Junction.

  3. Airways Well Connected with Major Airports